Датацентр TIER3

    Скорость и непрерывность доступа к информации, как и ее надежное и безопасное хранение, являются неотъемлемыми условиями для датацентра, на котором размещаем свои сервера. Описание датацентра и сети


    As a leading internet service provider the main priority is the housing facility for the servers. AllS.Pro uses a highly secured datacenter which has been build in accordance to TIER3 classifications. The datacenter is connected with multiple geographically separated fiber paths to our main network pops to preclude any interruptions.

    Because of our excellent designed power grid we can ensure the power feed to all servers will be uninterrupted at all times. Everything has been designed in accordance to TIER3 classifications, this means, for example, that if one device will malfunction, a second one will keep everything online.

    Our uninterruptible power supply units (ups) are highly efficient. Because of the newest techniques of our vendor relation Eaton we are able to achieve over 99% efficiency. These results are achieved through advanced power core technology, and continues to provide the load with maximum protection.

    If there is a fault on our energy suppliers energy grid, we have multiple 800kva generators at our disposal. The generators are preheated 24/7. This way the generators are able to supply the whole datacenter within a few seconds.

    Because a stable temperature is very important for the hardware in the datacenter we use N+1 down flow cooling units. Because of the raised floor in the datacenter combined with floor parts which are perforated the cold air is blown up very precisely for the most efficient situation.


    Because availability of our clients online applications and services is very important we only use Cisco routers in our core network. Our core routers are geographically separated in different pop locations in the Rotterdam area.
    Our fiber paths are completely seperated as well, in case of 1 fiber path will malfunction your server(s) will remain online thanks to the second fiber path to our second core router.

    Every access switch is fed by multiple geographically seperated uplinks as the rest of all our in-house cabling. Because of this geniously designed setup by network design engineers which have years of experience, we can offer a excellent uptime guarantee of 99.99% for our core network!

    • ASN: 49981

    • Core-routing in redundant setup with Cisco equipment
    • 99,99% Uptime guarantee
    • Dozens of 10 gigabit connections to our Datacenter suite
    • Seperated fiber paths
    • Full IPv6 support
    • Certified network design engineers